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Communicating Project Management argues that the communication practices of project managers have necessarily become participatory, made up of complex strategies and processes solidly grounded in rhetorical concepts. The book draws on case studies across organizational contexts and combines individual experiences to investigate how project management relies on communication as teams develop products, services, and internal processes. The case studies also provide examples of how project managers can be understood and studied as writers, further arguing project managers must approach communication as designed experience that must be intentionally inclusive. Author Benjamin Lauren illustrates to readers how teams work together to manage projects through complex coordinative communication practices, and highlights how project managers are constantly learning and evolving by analyzing where they succeed and fail. He concludes that technical and professional communicators have a pivotal role in supporting and facilitating participative approaches to communicating project management.


As work becomes more projectified, we must understand project management like never before — as a participative, collaborative practice. Through his lucid explanations and case studies, Ben Lauren explains how project management works, why it’s important in an increasingly decentralized world, and what its best practices are.”

-Clay Spinuzzi, Professor of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Texas at Austin

“Methodologies-of-the-moment change from year to year, but project managers always need to be effective writers and communicators. Communicating Project Management is the book to read alongside any “how-to” guide focused on a particular methodology: it reveals how experienced project managers negotiate the complex factors, strategies, and values that impact team participation.”

-Stacey Pigg, Assistant Professor and Director of Professional Writing, North Carolina State University

“Ben Lauren outlines how project managers can achieve a participatory communications culture. This book is a needed addition to the canon of literature for project managers–both experienced and novice.”

-Lisa Welchman, Digital Governance Advisor and Author

“In Communicating Project Management, Ben Lauren encourages project managers to broaden and deepen their ability to communicate effectively and to encourage communication among their team members by making space for them to participate both actively and safely in the work of their projects.”

-JoAnn Hackos, President, JoAnn Hackos & Associates. Inc

Lauren’s research helps reveal the skills, attitudes, and character traits of expert project managers and, in doing so, paves the way for folks who are passionate about communication – including technical and professional writers – to find career paths in project management.”

-William Hart-Davidson, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education, Michigan State University & Graduate Education

“This book gives us new perspectives in conceptualizing and practicing project management for information development projects. The focus on managing distributed work, regarding project management as an act of communication and as writing itself is exceptionally valuable.”

-Stan Dicks, Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University